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Gambling at the german bathing-places , chapter 8, page 1

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Volume I Volume II

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz

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Gambling at the german bathing-places

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Casino Gambling in history


`The dealer first takes six packs of cards, shuffles them, and
distributes them in various parcels to the various punters or
players round the table, to shuffle and mix. He then finally
shuffles them, and takes and places the end cards into various
parts of the three hundred and twelve cards, until he meets with
a _court card_, which he must place upright at the end. This
done, he presents the pack to one of the players to cut, who
places the pictured card where the _dealer_ separates the pack,
and that part of the pack beyond the pictured card he places at
the end nearest him, leaving the pictured card at the bottom of
the pack.

`The dealer then takes a certain number of cards, about as many
as would form a pack, and, looking at the first card, to know its
colour, puts it on the table with its face downwards. He then
takes two cards, one red and the other black, and sets them back
to back. These cards are turned, and displayed conspicuously, as
often as the colour varies, for the information of the company.

`The gamblers having staked their money on either of the colours,
the dealer asks, "_Votre jeu est-il fait?_" "Is your game
made?" or, "_Votre jeu est-il piet?_" "Is your game
ready?" or, "_Le jeu est pret, Messieurs_," "The game is
ready, gentlemen." He then deals the first card with its face
upwards, saying "_Noir;_' and continues dealing until the cards
turned exceed thirty points or pips in number, which number he
must mention, as "_Trente-et-un_," or "_Trente-six_," as the
case may be.

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