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Gambling at the german bathing-places , chapter 8, page 1

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Volume I Volume II

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz

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CHAPTER IX. page 19

The next best hand is called a _full_, and is made up thus:--
three aces and a pair of sixes; three nines and pair of twos; in
fact, any three cards of the same value and a pair constitute a
full hand, and can only be beaten by a full hand of a higher
denomination or fours. The next hand that takes precedence is a
_flush_, or five cards of one colour; after this comes _threes_,
vis., three cards all of the same value, say, three aces, kings,
queens, and so on, downwards (the two remaining, being odd ones,
are of no value). The next is a sequence, as five following
cards, for instance, nine. eight, seven, six, five; it is not
necessary they should all be of one colour, as this, of course,
would constitute a _flush_. Next come two pairs, say, two knaves
and two fives; and, last of all, is a single pair of cards.
Having explained the value of the hands, let us show how you
endeavour to get them. The bets having been made, and the
_blind_ made good or abandoned, or given up, the dealer proceeds
to ask each player in his turn how many cards he wants; and here
begins the first study of the game--_TO KNOW WHAT TO THROW AWAY_
in order to get in others to make the hand better if possible.
Your hand may, of course, be so utterly bad as to make it
necessary to throw away the whole five and draw five new ones;
this is not very likely, as few players will put a stake in the
pool unless, on looking first at his cards, he has seen
something, say a pair, to start with.

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