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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Chevaliers D'industrie, Or Polite Sharpers

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Casino Gambling in history

'And now, sir,' continued the sharper, turning to Olivier, 'and
now, sir, for the business between you and me. These cards have
been substituted by you in the place of those which I supplied .
. . You must do them up, write your name upon the cover, and
seal it with the coat of arms on your ring.'

Olivier looked first at Chauvignac and then at Chaffard, but both
the fellows only made signs to him to resign himself to the
circumstances. He did what was ordered.

'That is not all, sir,' added the false Belgian; 'I have fairly
won money from you and have a right to demand a guarantee for
payment. You must draw me short bills for the sum of one hundred
thousand francs.'

As the wretched young man hesitated to comply with this demand,
his pitiless creditor rose to ring the bell.

'Don't ring, sir, don't ring,' said Olivier, 'I'll sign.'

He signed, and the villany was consummated. Olivier returned to
his family and made an humble avowal of his fault and his
engagements. His venerable father received the terrible blow
with resignation, and paid the 100,000 francs, estimating his
honour far above that amount of money.[3]

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