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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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12. Infallible method for guessing any number that a party has
thought of.

Take the first ten cards of a pack of 52 cards. Set out these
ten cards as shown below, so that the point A should correspond
to the ace, and to 1--the point F to the card representing the
6--and E to the 10.

2 3 4
1 A--------E 5
10 K--------F 6
9 8 7

Thus prepared, you request a party to think of a card, and then
you tell him to touch any number he pleases, requesting him to
name it aloud. Then, adding the whole number of the cards to the
number touched, you tell him to count backwards to himself,
beginning with the card touched, and giving to that card the
number of the one thought of. By counting in this way, the party
will at length count the entire number on the card thought of,
which you will thus be able to designate with certainty.

Example:--Suppose the card thought of is G, marking 7; again,
supposing the one touched to be D, equal to 4; you add to this
number the entire number of cards, which is, in this case, 10,
which will make 14. Then, making the party count this sum, from
the number touched, D to C, B, A, and so on, backwards, so that
in commencing to count the number thought of, 7 on D, the party
will continue, saying, 8 on C, 9 on B, 10 on A, 11 on K, 12 on I,
13 on H, and end with counting 14 on G; and you will thus
discover that the number thought of is 7, which corresponds to G.

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