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Amusing Card Tricks

Volume I

The Gaming Table by Andrew Steinmetz, Volume II

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Amusing Card Tricks

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I. Shuffling, in the simple and inoffensive sense of the
expression, is an important point in all tricks with cards. For
the most part, it is only a pretence or dexterous management--
keeping a card or cards in your command whilst seeming to shuffle
them into the pack.

Every performer has his method of such shuffling. Some hold the
pack perpendicularly with the left hand, then with the right take
a portion of the pack--about one half--and make a show of
shuffling the two parts together edgeways, but, in reality,
replace them as they were. With rapidity of execution every eye
is thus deceived.

If a single card is to be held in command, place it at the bottom
of the pack, which you hold in your left, and then, with your
right thumb and middle finger, raise and throw successively
portions of the pack, leaving the bottom card in contact with the
fingers of the left hand.

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