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Mechanical gambling systems

Mechanical gambling systems

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Casino Gambling in history

Mechanical - Mechanical systems depend upon observation. It is based on trials and by measurements. You watch the dice or roulette wheel, until you observe some kind of pattern in the numbers that come up. Then when you think you have discovered a pattern, test it, by betting on a continuation of that pattern. Such patterns do come up by the inevitable workings of chance, but they do not mean anything. Unless the wheel is not perfectly round and balanced.

However, it is not totally impossible. There is the widely quoted newspaper story about two college students who made a good deal of money in Reno. They had discovered an imperfect wheel on which one of the numbers came up more frequently than it should.

Going back further in time, there is famous story of Charles Jaggers, a British engineer who detected a tiny flaw in a Monte Carlo wheel and won around $100,000. This, it is said, is what led to a routine of daily testing of all wheels with levels and callipers.

However, the main profit in mechanical systems is the money you are not losing while you are busy experimenting and observing the game, looking for patterns.

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