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Mathematical gambling systems

Mathematical gambling systems

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Casino Gambling in history

Mathematical - Mathematical systems are the most promising techniques used for beating the casino. It is based on Probability and chance. It is a scientific approach to calculating the likelihood that a certain event will take place, in relation to all other possible outcomes. This makes it very reliable, and it will help you in estimating your chances of winning real money.

Most mathematical play is based on doubling. And then the most popular doubling system used for beating the casino's is the Martingale. To follow this system you simply bet some fixed sum, say $100 to begin with, and you continue to bet that amount each time you win. But each time you lose, double your stake the following bet. Should you lose again, double your stake again, until you win. This way you will always win and go home with a profit. However, this sytem only works when there is no limit to the amount you are allowed to bet, and there is no limit to the amount of games played, as in there is no closing time of the casino. As you quit only after a win. You can never lose!!!

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