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Martingale Variations

Martingale Roulette System Variations

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Casino Gambling in history

Casino's are fun! Casino games are real fun! And eventhough winning is the best fun, using systems when gambling usually is not much fun. You need to concentrate and the whole risk factor is greatly dimished, and I believe that it's the risk that makes gambling genuine fun!!
Losing is of course never good, especially when you need to share that information with your partner, but why not have both.

First use a system, like the Martingale, to make some profit, and then take great risks with that profit! Imagine that you have just made 500 bucks profit while using the Martingale roulette system. Why not decide to play on with a hundred, and keeping the 400 to impress the wife (or husband). Doing that will bring the fun back into gambling, as no matter what, you already have a profit, and your partner can buy yet another pair of shoes!! But if you win, you can buy her a car.

I like to let the 100 dollars ride on for a total of 10 wins. That would amount to a total of $51200!! Unfortunately I have always chickened out early up till now. After the fourth win, my nerves get too high, and I just collect my profits, kicking myself, as I always do this...

This is the way I prefer to play Roulette:

I make use of the Martingale system. My starting amount is $100. that is quite a lot for a Martingale, but hey I have a variation on it. From the table below you can see that if I should lose 6 times in a row, my 7th bet would be the amount of $7400. that is way above the limit of most online casino's. But also that situation is quite unlikely. What I do is the following. I take a hundred dollars, and I use the Martingale system until I have doubled the $100. Then I use my $100 profit for a slightly bigger gamble. Usually I leave it on black for at least 4 spins of the wheel. If I win I will go home with $1600!! Always nice! I used to leave it six spins, but I only once walked home with $6400. This just happens less often. I hardly ever feel like starting over from the start when I lose that last game. My ideal is leaving it 12 times in a row. That would amount to winning $204800, not bad for 15 minutes work. But it hardly ever happens that a roulette wheel stops on one color only for 12 spins in a row.

Spin 1 bet $100, profit $100
Spin 2 bet $200, profit $300
Spin 3 bet $400, profit $700
Spin 4 bet $800, profit $1500
Spin 5 bet $1600, profit $3100
Spin 6 bet $3200, profit $6300
Spin 7 bet $6400, profit $12700
Spin 8 bet $12800, profit $25500
Spin 9 bet $25600, profit $51100
Spin 10 bet $51200, profit $102300
Spin 11 bet $102400, profit $204700
Spin 12 bet $204800, profit $409500

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