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Martingale Strategy - What is it?

The Martingale Roulette System

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In the Martingale Strategy, all you have to do is double each bet should you lose. And, you go back to your initial stake after every win. Each time you win, you win, like in Jack's system, there is no thinking required in that case. Just as long as you have enough money to be able to keep doubling your stake in case of a loss. And as long as you do not reach the house limit, or the closing time of the casino, it is a no risk, 99.9% fail-prove, winning strategy. However, once you get to the house limit you will have a problem.

When you reach the house limit you can no longer double your stake. That is indeed a very bad situation to be in, and the most realistic possibility of winning back your losses is by finding another casino with a higher limit. But maybe it should be taken as a hint from lady luck to stop gambling, and just count your losses.

There are of course many variations on the Martingale roulette system, and it can be used with a great variety of tactics. Some people raise their stakes to each of the doubled bets. Others will change to a parlay after a certain point and bet the amount that it takes to win what you want to win. Another variation would be to split it up and then win it back one part at a time.... there are many variations of Martingale roulette system, with which people are confident that they are beating the casino.

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